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How many times has your Principal told you ‘go home, it’s late’ and you say ‘I’m just going to finish entering these invoices, we really need to pay them tomorrow.’? How would you like an APP that could do all the entering for you, so that all you need to do is check and approve them?

What would you do with that extra hour a week? Go home sooner?

Or perhaps get to that job the boss REALLY wants you to do?

Accounts payable (entering and paying suppliers) can be really time critical, time draining, and time dependent. We have an amazing solution our clients are just ecstatic about.

Not only can you send invoices to it by forwarding an email, scanning a hard-copy, drop and dragging a PDF, or by taking a photo on your phone, you can also send Visa receipts to it. It then sends the invoice or receipt all done through to Xero where it awaits your approval and payment, or ready to match against your Visa statement.

What’s more, a copy of the invoice as a PDF is attached to each invoice or spend money in Xero, so you no longer need to file hard copies in the office. Free up some space!

This APP is called Receipt Bank, and as a Receipt Bank Partner School Accounts Ltd can subscribe your school, train and support your Accounts Payable staff, or even do all the work for you if needed.

Have you been thinking about freeing up your Admin and Accounts staff so they can get on to some more school focused tasks? Or are you concerned about staff morale as they constantly work overtime and struggle to meet deadlines?

We can help. We LOVE to help. Find more about it by clicking here.

Subscribe through School Accounts Ltd today and watch the smiles and gratitude bloom!

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