School Accounts

Time for a Sea Change?

Ahoy there, to the school professionals who are keeping our schools, preschools and high schools financially afloat. The ship may be low in the water but if she’s still moving forward congratulations!

Whether you are the Principal making key decisions with your stakeholders all in mind, or the data entry person keeping the information needed to make those decisions up to date, you will be challenged/invested/interested in having great people, processes and technology in place.

At School Accounts Ltd it is our passion to help schools achieve the above. It can be as simple as updating the accounting software you are using, or just using what you are using to the best of its ability. We talk Xero (we live and breathe and work Xero!) and have created school monthly and annual reports templates that can be tailored to your school. We can up-skill your key staff in technology or efficiency improvements that can release them to better use of their time.

We are pretty excited about our annual reports processes. No more gathering up papers, photocopying, putting folders together for auditors, being asked to repeat work you’ve already done, or spelling out what seems to be obvious! We show you how to store in the cloud at the time of the transaction, and provide you with online folders to drop extraneous information throughout the year. You simply give auditors access at year end and we can manage their queries for you. School Accounts Ltd are keeping up with cutting edge ways to improve methodologies without disrupting your ship’s navigation.

We like to make sure you have everything sorted ahead of time to minimise delays, or stress when it comes to school reporting deadlines. Our staff are handpicked for their friendly natures. Dealing with us is like having someone on your crew who is willing to understand your quirks and passions and get the job done without creating unnecessary waves. Who wants to get sea sick when you could be enjoying the view from the deck?

Invite us on-board and we’ll show you our charts. Drop us a line (call or email) and we’ll arrange a time to talk ship.