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Did you know if you are using Xero you now have access to their FREE data entry software called HubDoc?

What does it do?
It takes all your bills and receipts, and once set up properly HubDoc automatically uploads these into Xero draft purchases, ready to be reviewed and approved. This is a very efficient way to reduce data entry time (and human error) and get the source document attached to the transaction in Xero. This eliminates unnecessary filing and keeps even the auditors happy.
We’re HubDoc experts…
Give us a call today if you would like to get started from April 2020. We can provide training and set up.

School Accounts

Remote Possibilities

We’ve Always Been Remote…

School Accounts

…but not in a socially distant way!

In these uncertain times schools are having to adapt and embrace the remote services model.
Distance is our strength. School Accounts operates remotely from virtual offices with our team based across Auckland and beyond.

We’ve got this…
Our technology is effective and robust – We have always embraced technology and now in these unprecedented times this technology helps us ensure your business continuity. We have always used the internet, telephone and mobile office connectivity to run our business and this is second nature to us, rest assured we are here for you at all times. While traditional service providers may face the possibility of extended social distancing measures, we are already well experienced online collaborators and will continue to provide an excellent service for our clients.

Time to upskill?
School Accounts continues to hire great skills and as such as we have capacity to provide additional services for your schools – let us know and we will reach out for a discussion.
For example, it may be that your accounts staff struggle to work from home, but with just a little input from us they can be back on track in no time. We manage remote learning via Microsoft Teams, and this can be just as effective as being there in person.

Annual Report blues?
We have our clients annual reports just about all wrapped up, so if you are struggling to make deadlines we have capacity right now to help you out!