Looking after the Trees

Tree Care Auckland have a great article on Trees for Schools, a service they provide. Here is a snippet, and you can read the full article here… When was the last time that your tree assets were checked? We want you and your students to enjoy hassle-free, safe, and healthy trees. Well-maintained trees are not […]

Going Next Level (2) in the Accounts

This is an article I wrote back in May but never published at the time. Now that we are back in ‘level’ management with Covid-19 it is a good time to review the learnings from 2020 so far: There was a lot of discussion and some good information covering how to ‘school’ in Level 2 […]

School Accounts

HubDoc Partners

Did you know if you are using Xero you now have access to their FREE data entry software called HubDoc? What does it do? It takes all your bills and receipts, and once set up properly HubDoc automatically uploads these into Xero draft purchases, ready to be reviewed and approved. This is a very efficient […]

School Accounts

Remote Possibilities

We’ve Always Been Remote… …but not in a socially distant way! In these uncertain times schools are having to adapt and embrace the remote services model. Distance is our strength. School Accounts operates remotely from virtual offices with our team based across Auckland and beyond. We’ve got this… Our technology is effective and robust – […]

The Robots Are Coming!

…but our jobs are still safe. Machine learning and automation of data entry is already here, and Xero Accounting software is the leading school accounting software provider on this to date. Receipt Bank: You may have seen me harp on about this before, but as an Add On partner with Xero, Receipt Bank already has […]

School Accounts

Free Workshops

For the accounting staff, School Executive Officers, or those involved in BoT reporting: School Accounts Ltd are holding free workshops from June to August to demonstrate and train Xero capabilities for school finance reporting. Your School: We can tailor these to your school’s requirements depending on where you are at on the Xero spectrum. If […]

School Accounts

Finance Reports in Xero?

Yes you can! Now is a great time to consider the formatting and presentation of Board finance reports. Can they be simpler, smarter, suitable? Are you still producing or receiving pages of BoT finance reports based on excel or clunky software applications? One thing we can tell you for sure – they are taking longer […]

School Accounts

Time for a Sea Change?

Ahoy there, to the school professionals who are keeping our schools, preschools and high schools financially afloat. The ship may be low in the water but if she’s still moving forward congratulations! Whether you are the Principal making key decisions with your stakeholders all in mind, or the data entry person keeping the information needed […]

School Accounts

Term 2 Tweaks

Welcome to Term 2, the land of opportunities! You made it through Term 1’s new year duties, welcomed new children into the fold, instigated the ideas and budgets formulated in 2016, and took your school for a test drive in 2017. Term 2 is often a great time to review and consolidate. You know the drill: […]