New Budget, New Coding Regime

What are the things to look out for when coding off account transactions in the new financial year? This is a small but important part of the finance system in your school that can be easy to miss. What do I mean by coding? We are talking about the use of your general ledger (GL) […]

Common Bank Reconciliation Errors

One of the most basic things in finance is reconciling the bank each month. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often we find this is being missed as a regular process. The result being some very interesting accounts. I will share a few examples from our School Accounts Ltd files. […]

Back up you team

Your School Accounts Team Support

These are trying times for school accounts staff, and there is no better time to have a team to back you up. A team brings different skill sets, bents and strengths. If you have someone who works alone a lot of the time, have a think about the support and backing you or your accounts […]

School Accounts

Advantages of Outsourcing Financial Reports

When reviewing the accounts operations in your school there are two general options to go with – bring it all in-house and employ staff suitable to the job, or outsource part of the accounts to a company or person who provides school financial services. There are the usual risks and pitfalls of employing staff – […]

School Accounts

Reviewing your Accounting Provider

Many Boards of Trustees and Principals like to review how the accounting and reporting arrangements are going at this time of year when they are also setting budgets for the year ahead. Regardless of whether you are anticipating change or not, here are a few good questions to think about: 1. Are we getting up […]

Looking after the Trees

Tree Care Auckland have a great article on Trees for Schools, a service they provide. Here is a snippet, and you can read the full article here… When was the last time that your tree assets were checked? We want you and your students to enjoy hassle-free, safe, and healthy trees. Well-maintained trees are not […]

Going Next Level (2) in the Accounts

This is an article I wrote back in May but never published at the time. Now that we are back in ‘level’ management with Covid-19 it is a good time to review the learnings from 2020 so far: There was a lot of discussion and some good information covering how to ‘school’ in Level 2 […]

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HubDoc Partners

Did you know if you are using Xero you now have access to their FREE data entry software called HubDoc? What does it do? It takes all your bills and receipts, and once set up properly HubDoc automatically uploads these into Xero draft purchases, ready to be reviewed and approved. This is a very efficient […]

School Accounts

Remote Possibilities

We’ve Always Been Remote… …but not in a socially distant way! In these uncertain times schools are having to adapt and embrace the remote services model. Distance is our strength. School Accounts operates remotely from virtual offices with our team based across Auckland and beyond. We’ve got this… Our technology is effective and robust – […]