The Robots Are Coming!

…but our jobs are still safe.

Machine learning and automation of data entry is already here, and Xero Accounting software is the leading school accounting software provider on this to date.

Receipt Bank:
You may have seen me harp on about this before, but as an Add On partner with Xero, Receipt Bank already has this area sussed. You can forward the emails from your suppliers, or drag PDF bills into Receipt Bank (or take a photo of your receipt from your smart phone) and hey presto! The bill ends up in draft in Xero with the data already populated AND a PDF of the bill attached. You are still able to check the details and get it approved for awaiting payment (no loss of user control!). You can even go paperless entirely if your school team has the appetite.

Credit Cards:
Imagine the added bonus of being able to send credit card and cash payment receipts into Xero directly from the user’s phone (before the receipt fades or gets lost in the car)! Receipt Bank can even detect when a receipt comes through t he bank in Xero and suggest a match. This makes for a timely, transparent and easily auditable accounts experience.

People like change they choose. This type of change can revolutionise the way you spend your time. Most leading experts assure us that the coming of AI will not make humans defunct in the workplace, rather release us to do more of the building relationships stuff that is essential to effectiveness. It makes accounts payable quite enjoyable!

Hit me up for a FREE demonstration of Receipt Bank in the next few weeks, so you can see for yourself it is something that will benefit your accounts team.