School Accounts

Finance Reports in Xero?

Yes you can!

Now is a great time to consider the formatting and presentation of Board finance reports. Can they be simpler, smarter, suitable?
Are you still producing or receiving pages of BoT finance reports based on excel or clunky software applications?

One thing we can tell you for sure – they are taking longer to prepare than they should!

You may have been told that Xero can’t produce good reports for school finances, but that is a myth we love to bust.

If you are already using Xero but still export reports to another platform, we encourage you to trial building these in Xero so that you can publish them in one smooth experience.

And if you are not using Xero as your primary accounting software, now is the best time to trial it so that you can experience the increased efficiency in daily and weekly processing for yourself.

See our next article for some options here.